Signal over Noise.

The environment today is perfect (in the worst way) for marketing efforts to go down unproductive rabbit holes.

“Protect the Primary” philosophy draws heavily from the military strategists Col. John Boyd. who formulated a decision-making process that eliminates distractions and focuses on tempo-driven invasions towards an objective.


Why “Protect the Primary”


When it comes to strategy, Colonel John Boyd is one of my Role Models. When it comes to discipline and focus; one man continually surprises and inspires me — David Goggins. It is from a book about Mr. Goggins titled, Living with a Seal, specifically Chapter 26, Primary Target, that I derived the name for Protect the Primary Consulting Co.

“Say, SEAL,” I say. “What would you do if there was an intruder in the house?”

Slowly SEAL turns and looks at me. He holds me with an even, unemotional stare. Then he turns back to the TV without answering my question.

“No, really,” I say. “What would you do?”

He shakes his head slowly.

“I think you know what I’d do,” he says to the TV.

“Tell me.”

“I would protect the primary.”

“What’s the primary?”

“That’s the million-dollar question,” he says. “What is your primary, Jesse? What would hurt you the most to lose? This big-screen TV? Those gold record awards you own? Jewelry? Cash? What do you hold most dear?”

“No,” I say. “None of that.”

“Well?” he asks.

“My wife and my son.”

“Exactly, Jesse,” he says. “They’re your primary, and as long as I’m in this house they’re my primary too. You asked me what I would do. I would protect my primary at any cost. And unfortunately for you, you’re my third option.”

Everyone’s primary is different.  My primary focus with clients is dodging distractions, vanity metrics, and noise to maintain a ruthless focus on results that will move the needle.


Core Services

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy *
    • Creative Content Strategies
    • Brand, Corporate, Media, and Channel Partnerships
    • Auto-Responder Email Campaigns
    • Conversion Optimization & Engagement
  • Click Funnels Consultant
  • Product Demo Video Production  (Example)
  • Business Development
  • Sales Copy
  • Branding and Reputation Management
  • Email
    • Strategy – e.g. Deiss style Invisible Selling Machine multiple funnel campaigns
    • SMTP and Full Service ESP configurations (Amazon AWS, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Sparkpost, mySMTP, others)
    • Ongage
    • Infusion Soft
    • List sizes of 100k plus.
    • Coordinated Time-sensitive Launch Campaigns
    • Joint Venture Campaigns

* Passionate about strategic approach to set and accomplish pre-defined  objectives within a 90 day time frame.  

Toolset & Software

  • Web Developer tools (WordPress, ClickFunnels, Leadpages,);
  • Social Media & Marketing tools (Hootsuite,  Instagram for business, HubSpot);
  • Graphics/development tools (Adobe Suite, HTML, CSS, Screenflow, Camptasia);
  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio)
  • PPC and Advertising tools (Google DFP, Adwords Editor,Facebook Ad Editor, Pinterest Ad Editor)


Please feel free to email me using the footer link below.   Thank you!